About Glen

Glen Agritelley

Singing has been a lifelong passion and here I have the opportunity to share some of my personal favorite songs. A lifetime of inspiration supplied by the one and only Roy Orbison continued to drive me to see a lifelong dream come true. After a successful business career I had the great fortune to meet Roy Orbison’s lead guitar player, Bucky Barrett. Bucky and I have become great friends and collaborators on both of these cds. I have had the good fortune to be able to play with some of the finest musicians in Nashville. Through Bucky I have had the privilege to get to know Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana, Turbo Kirby, and The Jordanaires. Because of that friendship they agreed to all contribute to So This Is Love. Here we have, for the first time, a collaboration of previous members of Elvis Presley’s original band and Roy Orbison’s band. On the It’s Just Love project we added the amazing sax legend Boots Randolph. This turned out to be the last studio session that Boots did prior to his untimely passing. Many of these "greats" played on the original releases of these songs with Elvis and Roy. 

So This Is Love is a compilation of mostly 50’s and 60’s songs that have been important to me throughout my life. It is my hope that they serve as a tribute to the great singers who originally performed them. I’ve also included a cut from a more recent singer songwriter, Enrique Inglesias as well. 

With the release of my second cd, "It’s Just Love" I have an opportunity to bring to you more of the classic 50’s and 60’s songs along with some great new songs by Jim Weatherly and Dennis Morgan. Both Grammy award winners that have written for some of the greatest singers of our time. Several cuts, such as: Ain’t Got The Heart, Silver Moon, No Mercy, and Mr. Taxicab Man have never been released before and debut here. Others like, Let It Be Me, Too Young, Answer Me, I hope will hearken you back in time. Magic Tree is a special addition to this project. It was written by Wesley Orbison, Roy’s oldest son, and has never been recorded or released before this. He told me that he wrote it for his dad in hopes it would be in the style "Only The Lonely". I have also included two of Roy’s classic hits from the 60’s but with my own interpretation of the songs. How could anyone improve on those original masterpieces? 

I feel so fortunate to have been able to work with these incredible musicians. Each one is a master in their own right.  What a thrill to sit and listen to their stories and watch them work. I thank them all for their hard work and dedication in making these projects come to life. 

I hope you enjoy this and it brings you as much pleasure as it did making it.