For the first time, former members of the original Elvis Presley band and Roy Orbison’s band collaborate on this nostalgic look back on some classic standards from the 50’s and 60’s with a few new surprises sprinkled in.

Listen and Buy: So This Is Love

Something old and something new! Continuing the exploration of aspects of love with tributes to some of the greatest singers of our time

Listen and Buy: It's Just Love

Singing has been a lifelong passion...

...and here I have the opportunity to share some of my personal favorite songs. A lifetime of inspiration supplied by the one and only Roy Orbison continued to drive me to see a lifelong dream come true.

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New Band and New Shows

Glen Agritelley

I have a new band, The Mercy Band.  We perform the last Sunday of every month at Mercy Wine Bar in North Dallas.  Music from the 50's-90's.  Music from Bobby Darin to Chris Isaak.  Tiffany Cassius is my co-vocalist.  Have just graduated from University of North Texas vocal jazz school, she is amazing.  Grammy nominated guitar player Kevin Scheaeling and Flamenco master, Michael Stacy is my musical director.  Check out the calendar at for times and days...

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